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Bardus bistro is a northern Norwegian reflection of the traditional bistros of southern Europe with a menu based on the ingredients and culinary history of the north. Priding ourselves on our strong personal relationships with suppliers, Bardus is able to create inventive and ever changing menu’s using ingredients such as moose, reindeer, king crab fresh fish and whale.

It is very rare indeed that our Ingredients arrive from any postal code other than Tromsø and its region. Having said that, where the cod swims really is out of our hands, however the hook and its owner are most certainly local. We serve food according to season, and to satisfy our own curiosity. You will be familiar with most of things that land on your plate, but not everything…we love to surprise as well as satisfy.

When the sun blesses us with its presence we’ll serve you on Tromsø’s most sun drenched and sheltered verandah. 

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Bardus Bar

Home of Tromsø’

Arctic Seaweed cocktail.

Bardus Bar is at its heart a Northern Norwegian experience. A classic cocktail bar dedicated to combining the finest products in the region to produce the highest quality experience. For the visitors amongst us the locally harvested Arctic seaweed cocktail is an experience not to be missed.

Whether you have a desire for a superbly crafted cocktail, a great glass of wine, a beer you have never heard of or to flirt with the finest examples of aged distillation...we will be sure to make you feel at home. And if you feel for a bite of food you can slide into our bistro and enjoy one of Tromsø’ finest Kitchens.

Built in 1868 as a bakery and then later then used as Troms’ first cinema, Bardus sits in historic surroundings. The building contains many angles… to venture up on to our mezzanine is an experience in itself.

Tue-Thur: 16:00 - 01:30

Fri: 16:00 - 03:00

Sat: 16:00 - 03:00


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Fondantation.✌️ #bardus #bardusbistroandbar

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In the bar you can, if you feel so inclined, have a very nice little snack situation with your beverage delight... If you’re that way inclined...✌️ #bardus #morefunthanformal

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The second floor of the bistro and its wall of books is a very nice place indeed.✌️ #bardus #morefunthanformal

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Second floor of the bar. ✌️ #bardus #morefunthanformal

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Have a great weekend folks.✌️ #bardus #morefunthanformal

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Another day at the office. 😂✌️ #bardus #morefunthanformal

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Bardus...More Fun Than Formal.✌️

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Entrecôte 5 nights a week...every week.✌️ #bardus #morefunthanformal

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Let the festive season begin.✌️#bardus #morefunthanformal

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Folkens! The Bistro is open again on Mondays for lunch kl11-17. Normal life returns 1 step at a time.✌️

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Given the recent outbreak in Tromsø we are for the time being choosing to adopt a policy of More Careful Than Carless in the bar, especially on the weekends. In case you are wondering we picked up these rather cool masks from @reinloveclothing on storgate.✌️ #bardus #morecarefulthancareless #reinløve

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The bar windows never looked so good. Have a great weekend folks.✌️#Bardus #morefunthanformal

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Once in a while the matriarch drops in to say hello. ✌️#bardus #morefunthanformal #ruby

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Baby goat curry with lentil ragu from the lunch menu...delicious.✌️ #bardus #morefunthanformal

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French 75 me all night long.✌️ #bardus #morefunthanformal

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The new interior in the bar is very lovely indeed ladies and gentlemen✌️ #bardus #morefunthanformal

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Lovely new sofa in the bar. ✌️ #bardus #morefunthanformal

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The balcony lives on into October!✌️#bardus #morefunthanformal #sun

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Hey Folks As you know the Bistro Burger is a permanent fixture on the lunch menu. We are very happy to announce that we now have a 200 gram Norwegian urfe entrecôte as a permanent fixture on the dinner menu. We are serving this beautiful cut with hand cut chips with truffle oil, herb butter, Parmesan and grilled heart salad. Seriously good steak.✌️#bardus #morefunthanformal #urfe

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New floor and a bit of new sofa action in the bar. ✌️ #bardus #morefunthanformal

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Bardus...More Fun Than Formal✌️ #bardus #morefunthanformal

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Have a great weekend folks✌️ #bardus #morefunthanformal

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The dynamic duo of Bardus... Wonder boy Carlos and old gray beard Rune.✌️#bardus #morefunthanformal

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The burger are better at Bardus.✌️#bardus #morefunthanformal

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Håbrann (Mackerel Shark) tartar. This delicious starter is served on a blue corn tortilla with an apple vinaigrette. On the new dinner menu served from kl16. ✌️#bardus #morefunthanformal

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Opening Hours Bar

Tue-Thur: 16:00-01:30

Fri: 16:00-03:00

Sat: 16:00-03:00


Opening Hours Bistro

Tue-Fri: 11:00-22:00

Sat: 12:00-22:00


Cora Sandelsgate 4
9008 Tromsø

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