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Bardus bistro is a northern Norwegian reflection of the traditional bistros of southern Europe with a menu based on the ingredients and culinary history of the north. Priding ourselves on our strong personal relationships with suppliers, Bardus is able to create inventive and ever changing menu’s using ingredients such as moose, reindeer, king crab fresh fish and whale.

It is very rare indeed that our Ingredients arrive from any postal code other than Tromsø and its region. Having said that, where the cod swims really is out of our hands, however the hook and its owner are most certainly local. We serve food according to season, and to satisfy our own curiosity. You will be familiar with most of things that land on your plate, but not everything…we love to surprise as well as satisfy.

When the sun blesses us with its presence we’ll serve you on Tromsø’s most sun drenched and sheltered verandah. 

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Bardus Bar

Home of Tromsø’

Arctic Seaweed cocktail.

Bardus Bar is at its heart a Northern Norwegian experience. A classic cocktail bar dedicated to combining the finest products in the region to produce the highest quality experience. For the visitors amongst us the locally harvested Arctic seaweed cocktail is an experience not to be missed.

Whether you have a desire for a superbly crafted cocktail, a great glass of wine, a beer you have never heard of or to flirt with the finest examples of aged distillation...we will be sure to make you feel at home. And if you feel for a bite of food you can slide into our bistro and enjoy one of Tromsø’ finest Kitchens.

Built in 1868 as a bakery and then later then used as Troms’ first cinema, Bardus sits in historic surroundings. The building contains many angles… to venture up on to our mezzanine is an experience in itself.



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Our beautiful Chef’s crew went away for some days, looking for inspiration, team building and some fun (what can go wrong, right?)🤩 Therefore the Bistro will reopen like normal upcoming Friday from kl11 ✌🏾 . Meanwhile enjoy our Bardus Bar and get some vitamin D in our balcony 😎 . #bardusbistroandbar #morefunthanformal #tromsø

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Klippfisk av Sei fra Halvors 🤤 . After this rainy 17mai we all deserve to treat ourselves with some comfy food 🥰 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar #tromsø

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Gratulerer med Dagen Norge 🇳🇴🇳🇴🇳🇴 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar #tromsø

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Gravet Hval er tilbake på meny 🐳🤤 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar #tromsø

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Nå kan du booke bord hos oss til 17.mai 🇳🇴 Bardus Bistro har åpent fra 12-20, og Bardus Bar fra 13-20. Vi tar dessverre ikke reservasjoner i baren. For reservasjoner i bistroen: eller 926 74 888 🇳🇴🇳🇴 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar

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Shake it baby 🤩 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar #tromsø

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New on the dinner menu: Chicken breast 🤤 . With couscous, broccolini, n’duja sauce. . You can come now, summer 😎 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar #tromsø

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3 steps for an awesome drink in your glass, swipe left for good things😍🤩 . Bardus Bar rocking 🤘🏾 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar #tromsø

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God Påske 💛🐣💛 . See you Wednesday from kl11✌🏾 . #bardusbistroandbar #morefunthanformal

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Kjære gjester, venner, gals and blokes! Siste sjanse for utsøkte cocktails, før vi tar påskeferie, er tirsdag og onsdag. Vi holder stengt fom skjærtorsdag tom onsdag 20. Takk for alle besøk og hyggelige stunder så langt i år, god påske og velkommen tilbake💛💙

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New boys band or should we just keep them in the kitchen…?🤔 . We take votes and possible band names🤩 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar #tromsø

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Have you met this two crazy…sorry, amazing bartenders? 😍 . Insa and Michael are ready for another week of shaking and stirring 🍸🥃 see you soon✌🏾 . #bardusbistroandbar #morefunthanformal #tromsø

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Looking for a new teammate ✌🏾🤩 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar

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Hey you😏 Just to let you know weekend is coming and you can book your table at or give us a call…maybe you will get lucky and Jonas picks up the phone😉 …926 74 888 . See you soon😍 . #bardusbistroandbar #morefunthanformal

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Always with us @halvorsfisk 🐟🤤 . Boknafisk med tomatsaus, kapers, pommes anna 🤩 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar #tromsø

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Koselig is the word 🤩 . Bardus Bar opens doors at 4pm from Tuesdays to Saturdays💚 . #bardusbistroandbar #morefunthanformal #tromsø

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Sketchy look and awesome drinks 😅 . Bardus Bar rocking the floor until 3 a.m. . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar #tromsø

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New addiction, everyday, all day 🤤 . Vaffel med is og salt karamell 🤩 . #bardusbistroandbar #morefunthanformal #tromsø

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And drinks can be poured again until normal times 🥳🙌🏾 . Be responsible with distances and everything will be fine 🤍 . Bardus Bar: Tuesday to Saturday from kl16✌🏾 . #bardusbistroandbar #morefunthanformal #tromsø

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Dagens Fangst…everyday a surprise on your plate 🤤🙌🏾 . #bardusbistroandbar #morefunthanformal #tromsø

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Snow comes and goes, sun comes an goes, Covid variants comes and goes and our amaziiiing Burger it’s always with us 🍔🤤 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar #burger #tromsø

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And here’s another star of the company (Edvin as well) 😉🤩 . Lammeskank med kimchi, jordskokkpure og sjy 🤤 . #bardusbistroandbar #morefunthanformal #tromsø

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And finally we are back for some goodies in the glass 🍸🥃 . Open today from kl16 ✌🏾 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar

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Our menu is full of new stars🤩 . Bakt torsk med kyllingkraft, hasselbackpoteter og gulrot 🤤 . Pure pleasure😍 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar

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The doors of the best yellow house in town will re-open from upcoming Friday the 14th of January, from kl12 🥰 . Waiting for you 💪🏾🤩 . #morefunthanformal #bardusbistroandbar

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Opening Hours Bar

Tue-Thur: 16:00-03:00

Fri-Sat: 16:00-03:00


Opening Hours Bistro

Tue-Fri  11:00-22:00

Sat: 12:00-22:00


Cora Sandelsgate 4
9008 Tromsø

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